DIY Disney Nails

After finding inspiration on a Disney video blog, I simply had to try my hand at replicating these DIY Disney nails. While Disney may not captivate you the way it does me, you can always substitute it for…well, anything. For this project, I summoned the help of my good friend and newly discovered hand model, Hannah Pickrel. So whether you’re combing for sleepover ideas, procrastinating an essay, or (if you’re a guy) trying to figure out what in God’s green Earth is happening here, stay tuned. Hopefully you’ll find these Disney Nails as magical as I do.

1. After removing any previous polish and applying a standard base-coat, paint all of the nails white.


2. After the white has completely dried, apply a coat of silver glittered polish on the tips of the nails, omitting the ring finger. Begin on the very ends of the nails and work your way up gradually to the half-way point.


3. Once that has dried, use a gold glitter polish to apply two coats in the same way. You want the glitter to accumulate most at the end of the nails and dissolve upward.


4. Now that 8 of your fingers are finished, its’ time to address that empty slate of a ring finger. For this project, you’re going to need some buy some Disney tattoos at Wally World. Cut the tattoo of your choice to fit the size of your nail (if you’re doing a princess, try using just the face.)


5. Apply the tattoo directly onto your fingernail just as you would to your skin, using a wet cloth or paper towel. Once you remove the paper, tuck any remaining tatoo underneath the nail.


Voila! You’re nails are officially Disneytized.


When they’re finished, you’ll be as happy as Hannah! Well, hopefully.



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