I Love Mom Music

I have a confession. I love mom music. Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, Sandi Patty, you name it. So when I heard that Air Supply was coming to Riverwind Casino a few months ago, I freaked.  I knew I had to go, and who better to go with than my very own mother? Dad was there too, but listening to mom music with your dad just doesn’t have that same catchy ring to it.


“What’s the big deal? They’re just two washed-up senior citizens with stellar hair,” you say.

Air Supply alone comprises 15% of my belief that modern romance does exist, and if my life were an 80’s movie like Olive Penderghast’s in Easy A, I would want someone to play Making Love Out of Nothing At All below my window through an oversized boombox while riding a lawn mower.

Easy A

Oh, you’ve never heard Making Love Out of Nothing at All? It’s my favorite. Here, have a listen.

Look at those feathered bangs and chain neclaces. What’s not to love? Now, imagine seeing them live.

The experience was all together something spiritual, like a menopausal 80’s prom where granny panties could fly at a moment’s notice. Blinding streams of pink and blue light swept over the crowd to the once-futuristic sounds of the keyboard. The whole picture reminded me of Napolean Dynamite.

dynamite prom

Of course, Russel and Graham aren’t packing quite the same punch they did some 30 years ago, not that the raging 50-year-old women seemed to mind. I was too afraid to actually film during the concert, being a Monica Geller and all, so I’m just going to link to someone else’s video of a recent concert so you can get a feel for yourself.

Why am I showing you all of this? I guess, in my heart of hearts, I secretly hope to convert you to a fellow Air Supply lover. The world could use more hopless romantics, and Air Supply  is Chapter 1 of Becoming a Hopless Romantic for Dummies. Didn’t you know?

Let us remember with warm hearts the days in which poofy-haired men serenaded their sweethearts with power ballads. May the cheesy 80s construct of romance live on through mom music forever and ever. Amen.


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