Mondays As Told by Harry Potter

8 a.m.

*stares blankly at monitor* “And then she greeted death as an old friend, and went with him gladly.”


9 a.m.

“Yeah…wow…cool. Your 12-day trip to Greece sounds super awesome. Um, do you know if we’re out of donut-flavored K cups? Are we ordering more soon or what? I just really need some caffeine RN.”


10 a.m. Staff Meeting

Boss: “Unless you all have anything else, I think we’re finished!”

Coworker: “Actually, I have a few items I’d like to discuss.”


11 a.m.



12:00:01 p.m.

Boss: “Hey, before you guys head to lu-”


1 p.m.

When your colleague says, “Boy, the day’s really flying by!”


2 p.m.

*daydreaming about retirement*


3 p.m.

That moment when you realize there’s still TWO HOURS left.



4 p.m.

Why. Is. Time. Moving. So. Slowly.


5 p.m.

“LAURA HAS NO MASTER!” *pulls sock out of desk, sprints through door*


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The 6 Stages of Final Exams As Told by Harry Potter

1. Denial

Finals? Hahahahaha! Please. I’ve still got an entire week left. Do you have any idea what I can accomplish in that short amount of time? Seriously, there’s nothing to worry about. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna’ go paint my nails like little zebras.

2. Anger

Okay, it’s not like I’m mad about finals or anything, but seriously? A comprehensive test? How unfair is that?! And it’s worth, like, 96 percent of my grade. I’m too mad to study. School is so stupid. No, everything is stupid. LET’S START A REVOLUTION!

3. Procrastination

I’m just gonna’ go over to Tiffany’s for a quick study session. I always do my best work in groups. Oh, and Jennifer, Michael and Josh will be there too, but we’re definitely gonna’ get stuff done. Definitely…

4. Cramming

Okayokayokay. Two hours left until the test. I have four Redbulls in the fridge, and I. can. do. this. No need to panic. No need to panic. NO NEED TO PANIC.

5. Apathy

You know what? I don’t even care. 200 question multiple choice? Come at me, bro.

6. Recovery

Student down, STUDENT DOWN! The road to post-final recovery may be long and troublesome, but that’s why God invented Netflix and Nutella.

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Is Romance a Dying Art?

Every so often, when I’m looking to unwind, I throw on my Frank Sinatra Pandora station and let the smooth kings of croon carry me away. But then, the other day, a truly captivating song struck my fancy. It was “A Kiss to Build a Dream On” by Louis Armstrong. As I listened carefully to the words, it got me thinking about a few things, namely romance. But first, have a listen for yourself.

Now, let’s slow it down and look at those lyrics.

Give me a kiss to build a dream on,
And my imagination will thrive upon that kiss,
Sweetheart, I ask no more than this,
A kiss to build a dream on.

Give me a kiss before you leave me,
And my imagination will feed my hungry heart,
Leave me one thing before we part,
A kiss to build a dream on.

Have you ever heard anything so charming in your life? If you’re a twenty-something like me, probably not. It’s not exactly news that modern music doesn’t carry the same love-struck chord that it did in the fifties, but just how far have we strayed? For comparison sake, let’s take Britney Spear’s newest hit, “Werk B****.”

You wanna hot body,
You want a Bugatti,
You want a Maseratti,
You better work b****.
You want a Lamborghini,
Sip martinis,
Look hot in a bikini,
You better work b****.

Maybe I don’t actually want a Maseratti. Maybe what I really want is old-school, heart-felt romance. Maybe I want Louis Armstrong. Long gone are the days when love was enough to pay the bills, and now it’s all about “jet planes, islands, and tigers on a gold leash,” or so says Lorde. Of course, marvelous love songs still exist today, but they’re seldom chart-toppers. They say that pop culture is a mirror to society, and if that’s the case, then doesn’t this deficiency of affection in mainstream music say something about us as a whole?


Of course, no romance is better than hollow romance. What I’m talking about is an outpouring of affection rooted entirely in genuine fondness and respect for another person. But if we did actually receive that grounded, all-in romance, would we even know what to do with it? It all reminds me of an episode of Sex and the City, where Carrie begins to feel smothered by all the grand romantic gestures of her new boyfriend. I think she sums it up best:

“We accept Tasti D-lite instead of real ice cream, emails instead of love songs, jokes instead of poetry. It’s no wonder that when faced with the real thing we can’t stomach it. Is it something we could learn to digest or have we become romance-intolerant?”


A recent article by the Huffington Post suggests that the root of unhappiness plaguing Generation Y stems from a long history of unrealistic expectations. While that’s probably true, is it possible that just this once, in regard to romance, that’s not the case? Could the problem actually be that reality is quite simply coming up short? Or, as the article suggests, are we twenty-somethings stuck in a world of Ryan Gosling, romcom-fueled unrealistic expectations?

18 Better Names for Movies

We all know movie titles can be deceiving. Just look at Twilight. Does Bella meet Edward at twilight? Do they allude the evil Victoria at twilight? Does anything happen at twilight? No. So I got to thinking: wouldn’t it be easier if movie titles just laid it all out there? Just like Jenna Marbles made up better names for animals, I took the liberty of renaming 18 of your favorite movies. You’re welcome, and enjoy.

1. The Chronicles of Shovel Face and Vanilla


2. Ignorance is Bliss




4..  False Expectations


5. Eagles: A Story of a Deus Ex Machina


6. Animal Hoarders


7. How to Lose a Girl in 500 Days


8. Anne Hathaway’s Boobs


9. The Boring Version of Lion King


10. Poor Decisions: The Musical


11.  Letting Go


12. Grails Gone Wild


13. Size Matters


14. Slutty Cinderella


15. Undercover Lovers: A Romance Pretending to be About War

Pearl Harbor

16. The How-To Spinster Guide


17. You’re a Deplorable, Soul-Crushing Monster

Food, Inc.

18. Oklahoma!


Oh, you’re feeling brutally honest today too? Then by all means, add your best renamed flicks to the list using the comments below. Who knows? You may be featured in the still-hypothetical Better Names for Movies Part II…

15 Fashion Tips from Mean Girls

1. Always wear pink on Wednesdays.

2. Never wear your hair in a ponytail twice in one week. So I guess you pick today.

3. If Cady Heron buys Army pants and flip flops, you buy Army pants and flip flops.

4. As long as you wear mouse ears, you’re obviously a mouse. Duh.

5. If your name is Aaron Samuels, push your hair back.

6. Nipple-less tanks are so fetch.

7. Never wear tank tops two days in a row. Gross.

8. You can only wear jeans and track pants on Fridays. No exceptions.

9. Vintage is super cute!

10. The bigger the hair, the more secrets.

11. Be Regina George.

12. Body hair makes great wigs.

13. Three pounds is a totally real weight-loss goal.

14. You can still rock Spring Fling in a body cast.

15. Confidence is the best accessory of all—mathletes jacket included.


So, how many of these tips should you actually use? Trick question!

8 Things You Didn’t Know About The Little Mermaid

1. Ariel’s underwater motions are based on space travel.

To capture realistic gravity-free motion in underwater scenes, Disney animators based their sketches off of American astronaut Sally Ride’s motions in space.

Sally Ride

2. Before there was Sebastian, there was Clarence.

The character Sebastian began as an English butler named Clarence, but the character was revised after lyricist Howard Ashman suggested  a reggae feel for the score.


3. Ursala was drawn for the voice of Golden Girl‘s Bea Arthur.

The villain was drawn specifically for the voice of Bea Arthur, who eventually declined the part. Pat Caroll filled the role, although the character was left unaltered.

Bea Arthur

4. Ariel’s body was modeled after Alyssa Milano’s.

Animators looked to Alyssa Milano in Who’s the Boss? as a model of the youthful beauty they wanted Ariel to embody.

Alyssa Milano

5. The artists hired live-action actors to illustrate character motions.

Live-actions models were a staple of classic Disney films like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty but were less frequently used in later years. Disney hired Sherri Lynn Stoner from the Los Angeles Groundlings comedy improvisation group to exaggerate Ariel’s facial and body movements.

Sherri Lynn Stone

6. Over one million bubbles were drawn for the film.

Since The Little Mermaid was the last Disney film to use hand-painted cells, each new scene had to be created from scratch. Although stationary backgrounds were often reused, moving objects such as bubbles had to be redrawn with each new animation cell.


7. The soundtrack has been certified six-time platinum.

The Little Mermaid soundtrack sold over 6 million copies worldwide, an unprecedented feat at the time. The album also won two Oscars in 1990, one for Best Song from an Animated Feature Soundtrack (“Under the Sea”) and one for Best Album for Children.


8. The Little Mermaid pioneered the Disney Renaissance.

The Little Mermaid was the first of many highly successful films under new CEO Mike Eisner. The Disney Renaissance includes such blockbusters as The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Hercules.

Disney Renaissance

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The Fake Oscar Goes to…


Every year movie buffs gather round the television to watch as the rich and famous divy up awards that cost more than you car  for movies you’ve never heard of, making you feel culturally inept. As with every awards show, there are roughly 3 billion categories at the Oscars. However, I believe it should be 3 billion and 1. Tell me, where is the category for “Best Fake Movie” of the year? Don’t you find that more relevent than “Best Documentary Short Subject”? I mean, what does that even mean? Is that code for mockumentary? Why does it deserve it’s own category?

Only Steven Spielberg knows.

The point is, America, we cannot stand for this kind of injustice. We are a nation of the people, by George. To redeem the Oscars for this oversight, I’ve decided to hold my own ceremony, exclusively for fake films. At the regular Oscars, only the stars get a say in the winners. Well, at the Fake Oscars, YOU get the vote. So put on your old prom dress/tux and join me for the 2013 Fake Oscar’s red carpet. Do note that fake dates are welcome at the Fake Oscars. Now, please take your seat as we are ready to begin.

Ladies and gentlemen, this year’s nominees for “Best Fake Film” are:

Doug: The Movie

Directed by DrCoolSex

Mario Kart: The Movie

Directed by DrCoolSex

Dora the Explorer

Directed by CollegeHumor

Trailer for Every Oscar-Winning Movie Ever

Directed by Cracked

Movie The Movie

Directed by JimmyKimmelLive

Who will the Oscar go to? The suspense is killing you, I know. Well, friends, at the Fake Oscars, the power is in your hands. Vote now!

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