Wake: A Book Review

To kick off a (hopefully) book-filled summer, I began with a novel that’s been making a splash in the publishing world. Amanda Hocking, a recently-emerged self-published author, sold over one million copies of her Watersong trilogy, all on e-reader.

That’s right. These books aren’t even available in print, but that hasn’t stopped Hocking from making a mint. Hoping to someday publish an e-book of my own, I heard about her incredible pioneer efforts into the word of virtual literature and decided to see what all the fuss was about. If you’re looking to lose yourself inside of a new novel, check out my review and see if Wake is for you!

Wake by Amanda Hocking



Wake, the first book in the Watersong trilogy, revolves around a young high-schooler named Gemma who is absorbed in the world of competitive swimming. Gemma’s life consists mostly of typical teen angst until three strange, mysteriously beautiful newcomers appear in her quaint, oceanic town. For reasons unknown to Gemma, the three girls seem to pursue her attention despite her frequent rejections. She continues to deny them, much to the delight of her overprotective sister, until one fateful evening on a late-night swim, when a series of bizarre and mystical events are set into motion. Suddenly, as she begins to develop her own mythical powers, Gemma must choose between two very different worlds: the life she has always known and the life of a siren.


Although the book is clearly intended for a younger, Twilight-adoring audience, it certainly packs a thrill for adults too. At times the plot can be very predictable, but just when you think you’re getting bored…BAM! Hocking throws a curve ball at you that prompts another thirty page binge. Much like Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, these unexpected bursts of surprise make the lulls worthwhile. Hocking does a magnificent job creating unique, relatable characters, especially in capturing Gemma’s mentally ill mother. I’m not going to give away the end, but…I would love to hear your thoughts on the final chapter. I’m still not 100% how I feel about it, but it didn’t defer my enjoyment of the novel as a whole.

You Would Like Wake If…

You enjoy fantasy, young adult novels, the supernatural genre, Greek mythology, and things of a whimsical nature.


Not an intellectually stimulating gem to discuss with your professors, but a perfect light read for traveling or curing summer boredom. You can find a copy for Nook here and for Kindle here.

If you’ve read Wake, tell me what you think of this review! I’m always up for a good literary discussion.