101 Reasons to Love Dalmatians


If you know me at all, you know that the Dalmatian is my favorite dog. You’ve likely also connected the dots (pun intended!) to note the correlation with 101 Dalmatians. It’s not hard to spot (I’m killing myself here!). It’s no secret that I plan on buying a Dalmatian when I grow up, much to the dismay of my fun-sucking friends. They all seem to think Dalmatians make terrible pets. We’ll see about that. Without further ado, here are 101 reasons to love Dalmatians.

  1. 101 Dalmatians.
  2. 102 Dalmatians.
  3. 101 Dalmatians the live action movie starring Glenn Close.
  4. That movie happened to be based on a book about them.
  5. The beautiful love story between Pongo and Perdy.
  6. They’re black…
  7. AND they’re white!
  8. Nicknamed the “Velcro Dog” because they’re so loyal.
  9. George Washington was believed to have owned a Dalmatian.
  10. Ben Franklin had one too.
  11. And Pablo Picasso.
  12. Some people believe encountering a Dalmatian is good luck.
  13. Didn’t Budweiser used to have a Dalmatian or something?
  14. They’re black and white and black and white and black and white all over.
  15. Dalmatians chase away mice.
  16. In England, they’re used as plum pudding dogs (whatever that means, it has to be good. It has pudding in the title.)
  17. They hear four times better than humans.
  18. They were used in WWII to transmit messages.
  19. In case you don’t remember Oddball, the puppies are born without spots.
  20. Some owners call them Dallies, because Dallies is hipster for Dalmatian.
  21. Apparently they’re also called Dals.
  22. Once upon a time they were nicknamed Spotted Dicks. Can’t imagine why that went out of style…
  23. The American National Fire Protection Association used the Dalmatian for their mascot, Spark the Fire Dog.
  24. There’s a minimum number of spots for show dogs.
  25. They’re often used as therapy dogs…
  26. And war dogs…
  27. and rescue dogs! How chivalrous, right?
  28. Dalmatians shed only twice a year, during spring and fall.
  29. They have gobs and gobs of energy.
  30. Have I mentioned how cute they are?
  31. No two Dalmatians are identical.
  32. They are independent thinkers (insert mental picture: Dalmatian in hipster glasses).
  33. They sit on fire trucks.
  34. Dalmatians are from Dalmatia. That just sounds exotic.
  35. Dalmatians can have brown spots (Liver Dalmatians);
  36. Or yellow spots (Lemon Dalmatians);
  37. Or even blue spots! (…Blue Dalmatians?)
  38. They make excellent guard dogs.
  39. Dalmatians and horses get along exceptionally well.
  40. Oh, I forgot about Orange Dalmatians!
  41. Hunting? Why yes, Dalmatians are hunting dogs, too.
  42. 101 Dalmatians was the last film Walt Disney worked on before his death. Dalmatians are his legacy.
  43. Also, if someone wanted 101 of them, they have to be desirable.
  44. Speaking of the movie, Nicholas I of Bolivia actually owns a Dalmatian named Pongo.
  45. Dalmatians have the swimming dexterity of Michael Phelps.
  46. Their name is always capitalized. They’re kind of a big deal.
  47. They range from 40-60 pounds. The perfect median between purse dog and canine ogre.
  48. I love them. That’s a perfectly valid reason for you to love them.
  49. They live a solid 12-14 years.
  50. They’re faithful;
  51. And loyal;
  52. And protective;
  53. And loving;
  54. And intelligent;
  55. And athletic;
  56. And lean, mean, spotted machines.
  57. “They have a simply marvelous coat, darling.” –Cruella De Ville
  58. Owners love them so much, there’s a Dalmatian Club of America.
  59. Great Britain has one, too.
  60. These people even have their own E Magazine. That’s dedication!
  61. If you hadn’t noticed, Dalmatian print is kind of a big thing right now.
  62. The Dalmatian is the mascot of the Dominican Order.
  63. They’re exceptionally easy to name (Domino, Spot, you get it)
  64. Because they’re short-haired, they don’t get gross and matted fur.
  65. Supposedly the old country Dalmatia had links to Italy, and Italy = awesome.
  66. They’re semi-frequently born with blue eyes.
  67. According to Disney, all posh Londoners have Dalmatians.
  68. Did I mention Dalmatians are Disney characters? I think each Disney Dalmatian deserves their own reason:
  69. Pongo
  70. Perdy
  71. Dipstick
  72. Lucky
  73. Jewel
  74. Oddball
  75. Roley
  76. Also, House and Mr. Weasley totally played Horace and Jasper in the real-life version. I’m not sure that counts as a reason, but I just thought I would blow your mind today.
  77. Jane Lynch (Coach Sylvester on Glee) recently adopted a rescue Dalmatian.
  78. Let’s talk about hybrids for a bit. The beaglmatian. It’s a thing, Google it.
  79. And the Dalmador? So adorable!
  80. And my personal favorite, the Dalmatian Spaniel. (If you happen to know Precious, you see my bias here)
  81. There’s also the Goldmation,
  82. The Rottmation,
  83. The Sharmatian,
  84. The Bodacion (which just sounds like a Beyonce song)
  85. And apparently the chimation: Chihuahua x Dalmatian. (Who knew that was possible?)
  86. According to several Intern sources, they’re great with kids.
  87. They’re also easy to train.
  88. Not to mention extremely popular.
  89. Have you ever Googled pictures of Dalmatian puppies? There’s a reason.
  90. When they’re happy, they reportedly smile.
  91. They hate being alone, and everyone loves a social butterfly.
  92. They can run for hours without getting tired.
  93. The Dalmatian hit America during the roaring 20’s. What an entrance.
  94. However, it made a splash in Britain during the 1860’s.
  95. Their fur does not trigger pet allergies like other breeds.
  96. Egyptian tombs show engravings of Dalmatians alongside chariots.
  97. They have magnificent eyesight.
  98. Their noses always match their spot color: orange-nosed dogs? Yes.
  99. Some Dalmatians have more than just one colored spots.
  100. The Romany people, modern gypsies, favor Dalmatians. Esmerelda meets Pongo.
  101. You should love Dalmatians because there are, in fact, 101 things to love about them.

If you actually read all 101 reasons, then I’d like to this moment to commend you and award you this virtual gold star. But seriously, don’t you have homework or a job or something?