Someday When My Kids Are Grown…

As you all know, I don’t have any children – hey, I’m only 24! Still, as more and more of my peers settle down, I like to imagine the kind of world my own future children will inherit. What will matter to them when they’re my age, 20 or 30-something years from now? What will they enjoy, pursue, fear? Which of my favorite shows will make it to TV Land? What will the world look like someday when my children are grown?

This is a collection of my thoughts. 

Someday when my kids are grown…

I hope they read about civil unrest in books, not the news.

I hope “Adopt Don’t Shop” is the norm.

I hope they never saw me complain about stretch marks or wrinkles.

Someday when my kids are grown…

I hope that my daughter is called by her name, not Mrs. Husband.

I hope that my son changes diapers and vacuums like a boss.

I hope they find a spouse who will watch Friends on TV Land.

Someday when my kids are grown…

I hope I’m there to see it.

I hope my grandkids aren’t little turds.

I hope the world is worth a few more birthdays. 

Someday when my kids are grown…

I hope social media is outdated and cell phones obsolete.

I hope the garter toss is no longer a thing because it’s awkward and just why.

I hope all the teachers haven’t moved to Texas yet.

Someday when my kids are grown…

I hope that in a casual culture they make some things sacred.

I hope they love their body because I probably made it, and I’m good at crafts.

I hope that seeking therapy doesn’t have to be a secret anymore.

Someday when my kids are grown…

I hope they know how to shoot a gun but never need to pull the trigger.

I hope Disney World is still the happiest place on Earth.

I hope tolerance isn’t confused with truth.

Someday when my kids are grown…

I hope they come to visit.

I hope they know the difference between joy and happiness.

I hope they chase meaning.

Someday when my kids are grown…

I hope my children walk with Christ, the reason I hope at all.


Fantasyland: Where Dreams Come True

Today is a day that will go down in history, a day to be celebrated by the children within us all. Today, friends, is the grand opening of Disney World’s newest park addition, Fantasyland.

 “So what?” you say snarkily. “Big deal.”

“Big deal?!” I reply in disbelief.

 “Yeah. Who cares?” you ask.

“Do you even know what’s in Fantasyland? What incredible new things Disney has been up to while you’ve dawdled around your mundane little life?”


“Exactly. Friends don’t let friends bash Disney and because I’m a true friend, I’m going to englighten you about the brand new, ever-so-appealing Fantasyland,” I say, realizing I’m talking to a hollow computer screen.

The Attractions

With the addition of Belle’s village and castle, Storybook Circus, Ariel’s Castle, and the Be Our Guest Restaurant, Fantasyland goes in the books as Disney’s largest expansion project in it’s 41-year history (fun fact courtesy of the Seattle Times.) To top it off, Fantasyland won’t be complete in entirety until 2013 with the addition of the Dwarve’s Mine Snow-White-themed roller coaster.

Want to take a closer look at Fantasyland? Good, me too.

A Provincial Life

village“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere!”

Lovers of Belle rejoice at the opportunity to glimpse inside her provincial world. The village includes Gaston’s lodge, the castle, and Belle’s quaint cottage-home. Guests can peek inside Maurice’s workshop and for a moment, taste Belle’s provincial life.

A Castle of Not-So Beastly Proportions

insidecastleAn inside look at the Beast’s castle

The construction for the Beast’s castle started back in June (according to the Disney Facebook page) and employs a clever optical illusion. When entering the castle, visitors must walk inside a tunnel that runs underneath a hill. On top of the hill, and on the horizon, sits the castle at a whopping 4 feet tall. However, when visitors walk up to the base of the hill, the castle seems full-scale. Inside, the castle resembles the movie almost to a T, featuring the Beast’s bedroom, the West Wing, and the legendary ballroom.

ballroomCan’t you hear Tale as Old as Time?

Prince Eric’s Castle

ariel's castleI can just picture Melody slipping under the fence in the dead of night…

Prince Eric’s castle is now the character home of Ariel, where she sits on her aquatic throne signing autographs for loyal fans. The halls of the castle are lined with animated sea-dwellers to provide an interactive experience for guests while they wait to meet the Princess.

Storybrook Circus

storybrookWhere dogs talk and elephants fly…

Storybrook Circus is where all your favorite characters might be milling around, such as Goofy or Dumbo. Designed like a carnival, the entire area encompasses several games and rides, such as the iconic flying Dumbo. Storybrook Circus embodies the classic, more 1950’s side of Disney: Dumbo and characters from the Disney Comic series, such as Goofy and Pete.