DIY Summer Headwrap

Summer is in the air, and headwraps are all the rage this season. Just ask Urban Outfitters.

headwrap jerseylayered woodblockprint kerchief headwrap

But why pay $16 plus shipping and handling when you can make your own in less than an hour for $3? Just follow the simple steps below, and you’ll be on your way to hipster heaven in no time!

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1/4 yard of printed jersey knit/poleyester blend fabric

1/4 yard of solid jersey knit/poleyester blend fabric

Needle and thread/sewing machine


Sewing pins

– – –

1.  Cut out four 5″x26″ strips of fabric, two of each print. If you want a thin headwrap, use 3″x26″ strips instead.

Step 1

2. Round off the edges to reduce bulkiness on the back of the your neck.

3. Pin the wrong sides (non-print) of the coordinating fabric strips together and sew, leaving a small gap to flip the slip right-side out. If you’re feeling lazy, you can always use fabric glue instead, although it won’t be as durable.

Step 3

4. Once the strips are sewn together, wrap one strip of fabric around the middle of the other, folding it in half, to make an X shape.

Step 4

5. Sew each of the four ends together in the back, layering one on top of the other.

Viola! Congratulations on your new, ultra trendy headwrap.


Now that wasn’t so hard, right? To simplify your next headwrap, check out these no-sew tips:

1. If you’re only using solid colors, you only need to cut out one strip of each color. This also means the only thing you’ll need to sew are the loose ends at the very end. If you can’t sew, you can simply tie the ends together, but use 30″ instead of 26″ to begin with.

2. If you’re using just one color, you can actually cut one giant strip, 5″x52″, and sew the ends to together to make a giant loop. Then, you simply wrap the loop around your forehead twice.

3. To score that $3 deal, keep an eye on the sales at Hancock Fabrics.

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Feel free to share your tips and photos in the comments below, and make sure you follow my blog for more DIYs to come!