The Kite Angel

In college, everything revolves around a budget. The question is never “What would you like to do?” and always “What can we afford to do?” So last Sunday, when hanging with my best friend, I came up with a most brilliant, Mary Poppins-esque idea.


“Let’s go fly a kite!”

And we did. We ran up to Dollar Tree, bought ourselves two very rad, very cheaps kites, and headed for the lake. The glorious thing about Kites is that you’re guaranteed a solid hour of fun: 30 minutes trying to figure out how the heck a kite works and 30 minutes attempting not to nose dive. After nearly fifteen minutes of unsuccessfully tossing our battered kites to the wind, a most miraculous thing happened. The Kite Angel appeared.

Yes, friends, the Kite Angel. He was in his seventies, dressed in a yellow button-up shirt with a black baseball cap. He glided up to us, appearing from thin air, and in a very Field of Dreams fashion, whispered the three most helpful words I’d heard all week.


“Make a tail.”

Seems stupid, right? Wrong. After our kite angel had majestically limped off into the horizon, we decided to attach the tails we had left in the package. Being college kids, you see, we were afraid the tails would seem too childish, and we were only interested in flying adult kites. Sure enough, the moment we attached the tails, the kites went soaring.


It was smooth kiting from then on out. The Kite Angel had saved the day, and we entertained ourselves for 90 minutes on a meager $1.08 (with tax). So the next time you’re wondering how to spend the coins you found along with that Cheeto underneath your couch cushion, consider flying a kite. It’s cheap, it’s fun, and if you’re lucky, you might just catch a glimpse of the Kite Angel.