15 Fashion Tips from Mean Girls

1. Always wear pink on Wednesdays.

2. Never wear your hair in a ponytail twice in one week. So I guess you pick today.

3. If Cady Heron buys Army pants and flip flops, you buy Army pants and flip flops.

4. As long as you wear mouse ears, you’re obviously a mouse. Duh.

5. If your name is Aaron Samuels, push your hair back.

6. Nipple-less tanks are so fetch.

7. Never wear tank tops two days in a row. Gross.

8. You can only wear jeans and track pants on Fridays. No exceptions.

9. Vintage is super cute!

10. The bigger the hair, the more secrets.

11. Be Regina George.

12. Body hair makes great wigs.

13. Three pounds is a totally real weight-loss goal.

14. You can still rock Spring Fling in a body cast.

15. Confidence is the best accessory of all—mathletes jacket included.


So, how many of these tips should you actually use? Trick question!