Stitch Fix Review

First things first: I’m not a fashion blogger. I rarely cover fashion topics because A. My personal style is best described by the Target clearance rack and B. That’s a TOUGH market if you’re not a size 2 Mac consultant. That being said, several of my friends and coworkers have been talking about a site called Stitch Fix, which is an online stylizing service that sends personalized clothing to your door. I’d heard pretty mixed reviews, so I decided to investigate for myself.

The following is my honest and *regrettably* unpaid review. If you know someone who works for Stitch Fix, feel free to mention that I’m not above paid posts. Thanks in advance.


Stitch Fix is an online styling service and personalized shopping experience. First, you fill out an online Style Profile, and then a personal stylist will hand pick pieces to fit your tastes, needs, and budget. They get mailed directly to your door in a little box containing five items of clothing, shoes and/or accessories for you to try on at home. You have three days to decide what you like. You keep what you love and send the rest back in a prepaid USPS envelope. Shipping and returns are free—even for exchanges.

You can make specific requests of your stylist to customize each box. For instance, with my first box, I asked specifically for casual summer clothes because my collection of Disney T-shirts just aren’t cutting it. I also mentioned that I did not want any work clothes, which is why you won’t see any in this post.


Before you get your first box, you must complete a style profile. The first half is all about the fit. You will be asked to enter your height, weight, body shape, problem areas, shoe size, bra size, etc. The second half centers around your personal taste. You will rank four outfit collections, eliminate styles you hate (goodbye, bootcut), define your budget per item, and tell your stylist which areas of your body you like to hide/show off. I would say the entire profile takes roughly 15 minutes if you complete it thoroughly. My advice is to be as specific as you can. I noticed a lot of my comments were considered in this box.


After you complete your online style profile and fill out your budget parameters, you will schedule your first box for delivery. The delivery date signifies the date it ships from Stitch Fix, so anticipate an additional 2-3 days for your items to arrive. All five items arrived in a single box, which also includes a prepaid return mailing package, a style sheet with customized tips based around your box, and an itemized price sheet.


Underneath the descriptions, you’ll find photos of the five items from my Stitch Fix box, paired with items from my closet and staged (rather obviously) around my house. If you’re wondering why they all have Instagram filters, it’s because I’m not as good at photography as I initially thought. Spoiler alert.

Blush Shorts

A super cute pair of blush-colored shorts with a worn look. Extremely stretchy and VERY comfy. I also like that they’re a good length, cute and flirty without being inappropriate.

Status: Kept

Orange Dress

The fit was really flattering on my body type! It was a comfortable dress, and because it was petite there was no need to hem. Because I didn’t love the floral pattern, I decided to return the dress despite the good qualities.

Status: Returned

Gold Earrings

Although these look like standard fringe earrings, the fringe is actually connected to the earning back. It made for a super cool effect when you tried them on! It was a little too punk rock for my style, though, so I sent them back.

Status: Returned

White Top

I fell in love with this airy summer top instantly because it reminds me of Greece for some reason. Unfortunately, it was too short on the stomach and a little tight in the bust. For this reason, I had to return.

Status: Returned

Green Tank

The ornate neckline on this top grabbed me instantly! I also love how comfortable the loose fit is! Although it was a little more than I like to spend on tops, I simply couldn’t send it back.

Status: Kept


Once you determine which items you love and which you can live without, simply head to the website to pay for the clothes you intend to keep. When completing your return form, you will be asked for feedback on all of the items in your box. How was the fit? Did you agree with the price? Was this your style? It’s good to be as specific as possible because your stylist will consider your feedback when building your next box.

Once your payment is complete, just drop your returns into the pre-paid bag and deliver to any USPS store. Remember, you only have three days to make a decision! Otherwise you will be charged for all of the items. If you want to keep it all, there is a 20% discount that applies even if you need to exchange for a different size. This would be ideal if you had asked your stylist to build a complete outfit, say for a wedding or special event.


After getting my box, I wore both items I kept the very next day to meet up with a friend! I liked that they were extremely comfortable, perfect for summer, and fit just right. Because the items were priced a little higher than my typical wardrobe, I don’t plan on signing up for scheduled fixes—once a month, once a week, etc. HOWEVER, I definitely plan on scheduling another one-time delivery in the future.

In my opinion, Stitch Fix is a great way to shop for specialized items (like casual summer wear) or get yourself out a shopping rut, but it would likely be too expensive to replace your day-to-day wardrobe. I loved that all of the items were all things I couldn’t buy locally, and I got the opportunity to try on items I never would’ve picked for myself in-store—like the blush shorts! All in all, it’s a great way to treat yo’ self once in a while.

For those of you who have also tried Stitch Fix, what was your experience? Did you end up keeping any of your items, and did you ever order a second box? For those who have specific questions about the process or experience, feel free to ask in the comments below!


The $20 or Less Etsy Gift Guide

Instead of tossing elbows with the masses on Black Friday, why not opt for something simpler? Etsy is a fabulous place to get unique, cutomized and affordable gifts, but I’m sure you already know that. With millions of options, though, it can be just as overwhelming and treacherous as a doorbuster deal gone bad. Solution? Check out my Etsy Christmas survival guide below, featuring nine gifts as original as your friends – for just $20 or less.

For the artistic one:

Fox Watercolor Print - $20

Fox Watercolor Print – $20

What does the fox say? Buy me. Amber Alexander has over 374 quirky but outstanding watercolor paintings and prints. Going postal? Be sure to check out her Christmas cards, too.

For the Disney-lover:

Framed Peter Pan Glitter Silhouette

Framed Peter Pan Glitter Silhouette – $10

Never grow up? Sounds like a plan to me. Poppies and posies features mostly framed and matted Disney-themed silhouettes. Each picture is 100% customizable, so the possibilities are as endless as Tink’s supply of pixie dust.

For the wandering soul:

Travel Journal Notebook - $16

Travel Journal Notebook – $16

Lost with wanderlust? Set them free with one of several travel-themed journals from Istria Design. Be sure to write your address on the inside cover so they can thank you with postcards from their globetrotting journey.

For the phone junkie:

Color Palette iPhone 4 Case

Color Palette iPhone 4 Case – $10.99

From Disney to Dr. Who, Captain America to Hepburn, iPhone Case 001 has a little bit of everything. Personal yet functional. With 309 cases to choose from, there really is something for everyone.

For the Harry Potter freak:


Harry Potter Book Rose – $2.50

Book-lovers are bound to go crazy for these precious HP roses by Wednesday Thursby. Get it? Bound? Oh, okay. You got it the first time.

For the dude:

Bacon Soap

Bacon Soap – $6

Fact: Guys use soap. Fact: Guys love bacon. Conclusion: Get him bacon soap. If he isn’t a stereotypical bacon fanatic, then check out some of the other 539 food-themed choices from AJ Sweet Soap and pick his favorite dish for the soap dish.

For the writer:

Pheasant Feather Quill Pen - $8.33

Pheasant Feather Quill Pen – $8.33

The sacred feather of this quill from Whillock hails from the mighty eagle of Middle Earth’s Misty Mountains. Okay, that’s not true at all, but your writer buddy is definitely gonna’ love the Tolkien tribute.

For the gamer:

SNES Ring - $16

SNES Ring – $16

Oh My Geekness! How rad is this ring? OMG deals primarily in nerdtastic jewelry and cuff links. Each item is totally customizable, so you can even order their favorite game for extra bonus points.

For the crazy cat lady:

Cat Ears Ring - $15.06

Cat Ears Ring – $15.06

We all know a future cat lady in the making. Now, thanks to OST Accessories, that abundance of cat hair won’t be the only kitty-themed token they take out of the house.