Being a Modern Woman As Told by New Girl

Being a woman in the 2000s can be really tough. Sometimes,we cry over the smallest things. Like running out of Fritos, or cute puppies in little teacups.

It’s probably because we’re just so decisive about our emotions. Yeah, that’s it…

Aaaaaaaand because we may be a tad boy crazy at times. 1998 Britney Spears is to blame.

But that’s only because we know exactly what we want in a man. And that’s a good thing, right? Cosmo said it was.

Ultimately, we want to be taken just as seriously as men. The modern woman wants the equality of feminism minus the armpit hair because gross.

Which is why we pour our hearts into our school and careers and family and friends and pets and ferns and basically everything we ever come into contact with. Is it overwhelming at times?

Yes, it’s overwhelming – hence the need for a daily carb binge. No matter what you see at date night, we’re fatties at heart. That’s why we womenfolk love J. Law so much.

But even when we are feeling totally insecure and spazz-tastic and hopeless and scared…

We’re still perfectly happy just being our crazy, socially awkward selves.

P.S. If you’re a boy and you didn’t understand a thing I said…