Surviving Monday with Cute Emergency

Just as the Lord declared the Sabbath for himself, so Satan claimed Mondays. Fortunately, there are ways of coping with this devilish day. In fact, despite all evidence, it is actually possible to have a good Monday, but first we’re going to need some advice from a highly-skilled team of sad-fighting joy-bringers. Luckily, I just know the group. Let’s see what our cheeky baby animal friends from @CuteEmergency have to say about surviving Monday:

So, Monday’s got you down?


Then listen up! I bear good news.


Mondays aren’t so bad, if you know just what to do.


Don’t worry about class or work – Mondays are perfectly good days for sleeping in with a snuggly friend.


Or just napping by yourself.


Once you’re up, why not grab a cup or two from your favorite coffee joint?


Or spend a little time just roaming around town. Who knows what you might find!


If the weather is nice, you could always take a dip with a friend or two.


Or even spend some time in the great outdoors.

Baby Mouse

You could even try your hand at a new sport!


Too cold to be outside? That’s okay! Chilly, fall days are perfect for catching up on baking.


And they’re also great for long bubble baths!


Or maybe it’s a lazy, rainy day. What a perfect excuse for dodging obligation and curling up with your favorite flick!

"Part of youuuur woooooooooorld!"

“Part of youuuur woooooooooorld!”

Once the sky clears, you can even practice your mud-pie skills!


If you start getting a little stir crazy, why not catch up on some grocery shopping?


It’s perfectly okay to start snacking before you’ve left the store. I won’t tell.

Red Panda

It’s been a pretty busy day. You’ll definitely want to unwind with that special someone, preferably in a hot tub.


Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? You’ve just had a perfectly enjoyable Monday!




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