The Wonderful World of…Star Wars?

In a galaxy not so far far away,  some big decisions were made. Unless you hipsterly reject all forms of social media (which means you really wouldn’t be reading this blog anyways) you’ve probably heard how the Wonderful World of Disney married LucasFilms for a $4 billion dowry. It’s pretty much the biggest thing in the entertainment industry since Kim Kardashian’s overpriced celebrity party…I mean, wedding. Now, this type of news can bring out the best and worst in the fans: it all depends where your loyalties lie. When I heard this exhilarating stroke of good fortune, I was all:

However, my friends were like:

So before you extinguish that last candle of hope you held for the film industry, take a minute to fully consider the glorious implications at hand. Just picture any historical imperial takeover: all major successes, right? Everyone wins. Wait, you mean most super power actually exploit the countries they colonize? Maybe that’s what I get for bring coloring books to history… Thankfully, unlike other web-skeptics, I don’t picture this voyage as an imperialist quest: but rather, a dual monarchy, if you will. King Walt and King George will rule together in perfect, harmonious bliss. Let the people sing!

Also, this means more Star Wars films. Not even the noblest of Star Wars fanatics can pretend they wouldn’t kill to see an episode VII. There’s so much left uncovered! I, for one, would personally like to follow the captivating Hans/Leia romance, but that’s probably just the estrogen typing. Disney has already promised Episodes VII, VIII, and IX, and has predicted an additional film each two to three years prior. We now have the opportunity to attend Star Wars premieres with our children, or our children’s children! How cool is that in a scary, freak-you-out-panic-you’re-getting-old-oh-gosh-i-need-a-paper-bag kind of way? Whew, is it hot in here? I think it’s time to move along.

Let’s talk about Leia. What Disney-princess-obsessing-freak wouldn’t love to see her integrated into the long line of Disney royalty? I can already feel the ecstasy coursing prematurely through my veins. At long last I finally have a reason to dress up as Leia for Halloween (after all, it’s common knowledge I go as Disney character 4 out of every 5 Halloweens. Cite: Childhood Photos). So, will Leia become an official Disney princess? And if so, will she be the 4th (based on the Star Wars release date) or the 11th? Personally, I predict she will not become part of the official Disney Princess line as she is not animated and was created outside of the Disney sphere. Only time will tell.

So, what do you think?


One thought on “The Wonderful World of…Star Wars?

  1. I’ve never been a fan of the Star Wars cheesy graphics of what seems like was made decades ago, but now that – All HAIL- Disney has taken Star Wars under its wing, I might actually give it a chance. Star Wars fanatics should be thankful.

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